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คา สิ โน ฟรี ไม่มี เงิน ฝาก ไทยMismatch: Richard Sander v. The University of California

Just when you thought it was safe to venture into the woods of higher eduction news (or, for that matter, any news) without stumbling over yet another analysis of Students For Fair Admissions v. Harvard College, now there’s another affirmative action lawsuit that may well become another blockbuster. UCLA law professor Richard Sander, co-author with […]

Where There’s A Will There’s … No Way

There he goes again. It used to be that I agreed with just about everything George Will wrote. Now, not so much. Today’s disappointment is “Harvard’s Admissions Policy Problem,” in which he argues that “everyone, and especially conservatives, should think twice — or at least once — before hoping that government will minutely supervise how […]

“… Trying To Stave Off The Stigma Of Affirmative Action”

[NOTE: This post has been UPDATED] In a Columbia Journalism Review article, “My Life on the Race Beat,” Errin Haynes Whack writes about her career as a black Associated Press reporter and bureau chief. What I found most interesting — or rather, potentially most interesting — were two issues that were not discussed. It is […]

San Diego State, Etc.

My post immediately below consists entirely, or almost entirely, of a remarkable document from the “Chief Diversity Officer /?Associate Vice President for Faculty Diversity and Inclusion” at San Diego State University. Introducing it, I promised (threatened?) to have something to say about it shortly. Now I’ve said something (although not so shortly): “Loyalty Oaths, Diversity […]

San Diego State University: The Depressing Face Of the Future Of “Diversity”?

For now, I’m posting the following remarkable document without comment. It was sent to me by a friend on the SDSU (Super Diversity Swallows University?) faculty. I haven’t found a link to it online and so am posting it here so others can see what the future of “diversity” may well look like. It’s not […]

The 20 Arguments For Discriminating Against Asians …

… And Why They’re Wrong. The estimable Roger Clegg and I have just published an article at the Weekly Standard?with that title (minus the ellipsis). Notice that we said “the” 20 arguments, not just 20 arguments. If you can think of one, or more, that we left out, please post a comment here and let […]

SFFA v. Harvard College: Biased Chronicle

[NOTE: This post has been UPDATED?… Twice] In my recent essay on Minding The Campus, “Education Journals Show the Flag for Harvard in Lawsuit,” I criticized the problem of bias in the specialized education industry press. I was especially hard on Inside Higher Ed, but there is no better example of bias than the distinctively […]

SFFA v. Harvard College: Biased News Coverage

I have a new essay on Minding The Campus, “Education Journals Show the Flag for Harvard in Lawsuit.” It’s first sentence: “The coverage of Students For Fair Admissions v. Harvard College reveals as much about the state of ‘diversity’ ?in the press, especially the specialized education industry press, as the trial itself does about Harvard’s […]

SFFA v. Harvard College: Testimony From The “Diverse”

The Chronicle of Higher Education begins its report from the Boston trial this morning by noting that “Catherine Ho described mochi, a sweet Japanese rice cake.” Ho, co-president of the Harvard Asian American Women’s Association, explained how the organization recently invited fellow students to make the popular confection at a cultural event it sponsored. “Education,” […]

The “Politics” Of Shooting Jews

David Bernstein posted the following statement on his Facebook page, and I endorse it completely. If you are about to make a politicized statement about the synagogue shooting, stop. There was a shooting at a LA JCC [Jewish Community Center] in 1999, at the Seattle Jewish Federation in 2006, at the Holocaust Museum in 2008, […]